Wednesday, July 01, 2009

you CAN go home again, but......

I moved away from my hometown 22 years ago. I enjoyed my location and thought I'd be there forever. God had another plan. In the chess game called "life" this pawn was manuevered here and there and was eventually guided back to her hometown.

It's a blessing that I could move back into my parents' home...the home that I grew up in. I planned on getting a job in a few weeks, saving some cash and getting a place of my own. Again...MY plans are not always how things roll! It's been almost 2 months...still jobless.

Now, I realize that things take time. I'm not one that posesses patience. Evidently God feels this is something I need to work on. Love that sense of humor He has.....okay not so much a times!

I have gone from a 48 year old independent female to being viewed as a 16 year old without a clue. Respecting the "Honor your father and mother" code of conduct...I keep my mouth shut and chew on my tongue a lot. I'm thinking it would taste better with BBQ sauce. Anyhow I digress....

My dad has all his clothes in the room I'm staying in. The computer is also in the room I'm staying in. The cordless phone recharges in the room I'm staying in. The vacuum sits in the room I'm staying in. (See where I'm going with all this?) "My" room gets more traffic than a Tokyo massage parlor!

My mother obsesses with wiping the shopping carts with antibacterial wipes. Okay, this is a good idea. (I've seen those booger digger kids after all.) However, I want to say "What on earth did you do before there were antibacterial wipes? Since the beginning of time, women have been shopping with germ infested shopping carts and survived!!" However, I chew my tongue and wait patiently while she performs the ritual. If it makes her feel better, then so be it.

My father obsesses with mowing the yard. He's 71 and insists on mowing about ever 3 days...4 if it hasn't rained. This, too, is a harmless obsession and the yard looks great. I think I have heard several neighbors cursing though, because once he cuts his, all the others look as if they need mowing too, though they really don't.

My 6 year old nephew stays with my folks when he's not in school. Oh, the joys of free babysitting! He's not used to getting told "no" and I don't think he's ever felt the whack of a hand on his tookus. Enter Aunt Bendy..... He now has moments where I'm sure thoughts of "I sure wish she'd stayed put" run through that little head of his.

You can stop laughing now....

I give my folks something new to talk about. I've upset their routine (well, except for the daily Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune viewing) and they've upset mine. We're learning to co-exist. I truly am thankful and blessed that I CAN stay with my parents and I will do my best to make it a less than painful experience for them. Now...if they would just do the same..... ;)

Monday, May 11, 2009

pomp and circumstance......

I drove to Hot Springs Village, AR last Wednesday. Why? Because my youngest was graduating from Jessieville High School the following evening. I joined my folks, my sister and nephew and my aunt in a 4 bedroom condo that was more affordable than most basic hotel rooms.

Needless to say, there was a lot of gabbing and laughing and grubbing. The weather was warm. Graduating night, the gym was sweltering. Jesika's graduating class was made up of sixty something eager teenagers ready to take on the world

We held off on our party until Friday night. Kylie, Jesika, Spencer, Curtis, Tyler and Kaz joined the rest of us and it was on. The "Curtisisms" were met with laughter until sides were hurting. Wyatt, who is 6, was right in the middle of the big kids taking in every word. We may have to deprogram him.
Yesterday was spent packing up and driving back home with a smile and lots of good memories....

Thursday, April 30, 2009

time for me to fly.....
although it hurts to say goodbye.....

For the last five months, I've been on a roller coaster in Bendyland.

I left the comfort zone of a jobplace of 11 years for the unknown...
I finished massage therapy school...
I started working for a Christian non-profit...
I passed my state boards and received my title of LMT (I'm so proud!)
I watched the non-profit slowly dwindle until I was out of a job...
I worked for a spa as a therapist...for two days....

If you look at the above circumstances, you might think, "Damn've had a little hard luck mixed in with some good. However, there's an untold or unseen story that lies beneath the surface....

Regarding my company of longevity...I prayed "Lord, when it is time for me to leave this place, let me know and make it clear." He did. I was written up for 2 pages of nonsense with a sprinkling of truth. I'd never had any trouble in 11 years. I knew this was my sign. Before I gave my superior a chance to fire me, I gave my notice to work until the end of the year. I left for the day and did more praying. "Lord, if I'm doing the right thing, give me clear confirmation. The next day I was asked to leave at noon and not return. Pretty darned clear if you ask me!! Thank you Jesus!

The non-profit was a victim of the economy. Many of us donated our time until we had to seek other employment to survive.

The spa... I had decided that I would move back to my hometown in two years when I turned 50 to be close to my parents and closer to my girls. I enjoyed the spa and the therapists. I was concerned that it would take a lot of time to build up enough clientele to cover my bills. Once more I prayed "Lord, give me clarity to whether I should stick it out or move on." After two days I was asked to meet with my manager, who was/is a lovely person. She told me that nervousness or insecurity was coming through my hands and she didn't know what to do. I smiled. Anyone who has ever been under my hands knows that I rock the massage table. Maximus can attest to that fact. My manager could not produce any comment cards attesting to what she was saying about me. I was time.

So I left the spa with kind words and hugs and well wishes and called my folks to let them know I was coming home. I'm thinking it was like the Prodigal's reaction when he found out his son was coming home.

So, I've been spending these last days in Tennessee packing stuff, throwing stuff away and saying goodbyes. I had a wonderful time last Sunday at a cookout with the YaYa's. I'm going to lunch with a group of friends tomorrow. I'm going to dinner and a movie with a bunch of crazy women Saturday night. I'm traveling to Arkansas on Wednesday to attend my youngest daughter's graduation, then returning to say my final goodbyes and load up on May 15.

I find my eyes leaking frequently and at unexpected times, like when I'm sharing apples with the spoiled horses, or when I sit out under the huge yellow poplar tree in the cool of the evening, or when I think of leaving the people that I've come to love in the many years I've been here.

Yes, I'm easing on down the road to the next leg of my journey and thankful for every moment that has led to the next one.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


My youngest daughter got a part in a dinner theatre production that runs all summer. They're currently in rehersal. She called me last night while she was sitting in the Walmart parking lot awaiting her dad's arrival. The following conversation ensued:

"Hey mom"
Hey Jes, whatcha doin?
"I'm sitting in the Walmart parking lot waiting on dad to get here."
What happened?
"Nothing. I have to buy boobs."
Why do you have to buy boots?
"Boobs mom. I have to buy boobs for my part."
Walmart sells boobs???
"Mom, Walmart sells everything.

Now I have been all over Walmart many times over, but I think I missed that aisle.

Jes, what the heck are you talking about?
"Mother! I have to get a padded bra and those insert thingies they sell."
You mean the rubber things that resemble chicken breasts?
"Yes that is what I mean. Geeze!"
Okay, gotcha. Well I'm very proud of you.
"So you're saying you're proud that I'm a bimbo?"
You're only a bimbo in the play. I'm proud of you for getting the part.
"Alright gotcha. Gotta go now."

These are the moments I cherish. LOL

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

sometimes all you can do is laugh....

I have a leak. No, it's not a personal problem...I mean there is a leak in my kitchen. The drip is over a cupboard, so I've been keeping one of those aluminum broiling pans on top to catch the drip.

So last Saturday it had been raining cats, dogs and gerbils so the pan had been serving its' purpose. That evening, I needed a plate from the cupboard and as I opened the door.....

... said door caught on the pan, turning the pan completely upside down and dumping the water on the top of my head, all down the front of my shirt, and to my feet. It was like something you would have seen on "I Love Lucy." What did I do? I stood there laughing, regretting the fact that there was no one else there to share in the viewing pleasure.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Horses....Kids...are they really so different?

My landlord has two horses...Handy and Slingshot. During the past year I have watched them and spoiled them and can't imagine a day without seeing them.

A few weeks ago, Slingshot foundered. Because of his condition, he's been kept up in a stall and given medicine and closely watched during recovery. He is now given a little hay and some grain with his medicine mixed in. Well, he's not too keen on the med mix. It's like he's thinking "why would someone ruin some perfectly fine grain with that nasty conconction! I'm not eating it!!"

In my observations, I've come to the conclusion that horses are a lot like children. When I went out to the barn to check on him the other day, I found Slingshot stretching his neck over the stall trying to get at some hay he knew he wasn't supposed to have. It was well out of reach, but he was trying anyway. I checked his feed bucket and there was his grain. I shook the bucket to let him know there was something in there. Oh, he was already aware and he was not having any part of it.


When I put the grain in my hand, he ate it willingly, just as he does when I bring him apples or carrots. He ate every bit of it. It was all in the approach.

Yesterday while at the barn, Handy wandered into the stall next to Slingshot. He'd pulled up a long stalk of straw or weed or some such when he was in the pasture and brought it, you guessed it, to Slingshot. Handy can roam the pasture freely and since his buddy couldn't, he brought him something. Like kids do, after the nicety was offered, he reached over and nipped at his buddy. Slingshot then shot me the look "MAKE HIM STOP TOUCHING ME!" I couldn't keep from giggling. During my childhood, my sister shot that same look to my mother on many occasions as I picked at her. My kids have shot me the same look...usually Kylie picking at Jes. I guess it doesn't matter whether you have 4 legs or two, it's how we all roll :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

the feline terror...

She arrived several years ago…tiny and scared. She hid for the first day. It wasn’t long until Jesika was pushing her around the living room in the Barbie limo. Chloe Kitty was riding in style! She grew quickly, as kittens always do, and developed quite a personality.

It was getting close to Christmas and the girls had taken great pains in decorating the Christmas tree. (You see where this is going don’t you?) Every ornament was in place and the lights were just right and the tree was lovely.

Enter Chloe…

At first, she just looked at the tree and checked things out. It wasn’t long until she was lying underneath it along with the presents. I guess she was channeling her “wild outdoor cat” side.

Then it happened….

We came home to find the tree toppled over and ornaments everywhere. Kylie righted the tree and painstakingly fixed the decorations and all was right with the world. However, after 3-4 times of this event occurring, Kylie threw her hands up and said “THAT’S IT!!!” She packed away the ornaments and lights and took the tree down and everything went back to the garage. We had a Christmas with no tree.

From that day forward, Miss Chloe Kitty became known as “Chloe, the cat who ruined Christmas!” lol

Chloe is still around. She’s now residing with Jes and her father in Arkansas. These days she is an outside cat who greatly enjoys sharing her food with the raccoons and chasing off dogs and rabbits and whatever creature that might venture into the yard. She gets occasional visits inside and enjoys every minute, stretching out on the back of the couch like she owns the place. When I see her, I call her “Chloe, the cat who ruined Christmas” and I swear she has a smirk on her face!